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The Real Estate Department records various real estate-related documents such as deeds, mortgages, plats, liens, and leases that become public records. They also record certain documents unrelated to real estate, such as notary bonds, the general power of attorney, and certificates of military discharge.

Recording Documents

The Real Estate Department can only accept original documents or certified copies of court documents for filing in person, by mail, and electronically. No Xerox copies are accepted for filing. All signatures must be original. The fee for recording documents is $15 for the first page and $5 for each additional page. Payments can be made in person by credit card, money order, cash, or check. Credit card payments can also be made online using the payment portal. There are specific mandatory requirements to record documents. Learn more of those recording requirements.

Mail documents to:
Pulaski County Circuit and County Clerk
Real Estate Department
401 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Electronic Recording – eRecording

E-recording transmits real property documents electronically to our office using one of the approved eRecording vendors. Once recorded, the documents are returned electronically within seconds with the official image of the document and the Clerk’s recording stamp affixed to them. 

Here is a list of other approved e-recording vendors. 

CSC eRecording Solutions
Phone: 866-652-0111

EPN eRecording Partners Network
Phone: 888-325-3365

Indecomm Global Services 
Phone: 732-404-0081

Phone: 800-460-5657 

Fraud Alert

The Property Fraud Alert program is a free notification service that alerts you if a document with your name on it is submitted to our office. 

DD-214 Military Discharge

After discharge, veterans can file their military discharge (Form DD-214) in the real estate department. The record is confidential and may only be released to the veteran, a person with the veteran’s permission, the surviving heirs of the veteran (documentation required), and a veteran’s service officer. Valid picture identification is required.  


Notary public certificates and bonds are filed in the real estate department. Please bring the original bond and the two (2) certificates received from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office, along with your photo ID with the name that matches the certificate, to record. The fee for recording is $15 for the first page and $5 for each additional page. Payments can be made in person by credit card, money order, cash, or check. Credit card payments can also be made online using the payment portal. For more information on becoming a notary, see the Secretary of State website.

Research Documents

The real estate department has records scanned that date back to 1819. Many of these documents can be reviewed in our research area. We have two computers available for public use to research land records. Please note only records from 1994 to present may be reviewed on our website. Documents before 1994 will need to be researched in person. You must book an appointment using the link below. Only one booked appointment per week is allowed. We do not accept appointments by telephone or email.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to file a document?
The document must:

  • Be on 8 ½ x 11” paper
  • Have a Grantor and Grantee
  • Have a completed “Prepared By” statement. Preparer’s name and address (Deeds only)
  • Completed Transfer of Tax form
  • Notarized in accordance with ACA 14-15-403
  • Have a Title
  • Property must be in Pulaski County

Do I have to file a title if I purchased a mobile home?
No, mobile home titles are filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, if you purchased a mobile home in which the axle has been removed and the home has been permanently affixed to the ground, you would record your title in the real estate department.

Where do I pay my real estate taxes or find out how much tax is owed?
To pay your taxes, please call the County Treasurer’s office at 501-340-6040 or visit their website at Call the County Assessor’s office at 501-340-6170 or visit their website at to learn more about what taxes are owned as well as how much a property was sold for.

There was a death in my family, and I want to file a new deed. What do I need to do?
Our office is unable to give you any legal advice, so we strongly encourage you to contact an attorney.

Does your office provide blank forms like quitclaim deeds or warranty deeds in your office?
We do not keep blank forms in this office.  You can obtain these forms at any office supply store or search online.

Is a Bill of Assurance required with filing a Plat?
Yes. Bill of Assurance and Plats are typically filed together.




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