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Jury Administration

The Jury Administrative Department provides jury services, including removing jury panels from the pool and disbursing juror payments. For questions regarding your jury duty summons, please get in touch with the judge’s office directly and not the Clerk’s Office. 

Jury Qualifications 

Per Arkansas law, any Arkansas citizen who is a Pulaski County resident, registered voter, licensed driver, or person issued a state identification card and is a United States citizen may be summoned for jury service. § 16-31-101.

Under Arkansas law, individuals summoned for jury duty cannot be fired, lose sick leave, vacation time, or face any other penalty if they give reasonable notice to their employer about the summons.

Jury Notification

Pulaski County residents chosen for jury duty will receive a jury summons through the U.S. Postal Service. It’s important to carefully read the summons and follow all the instructions. Pay close attention to the court division number, jury orientation date and time, and where to park when you arrive at the Pulaski County Courthouse located at 401 West Markham Street in Little Rock. 

Upon entering the courthouse, expect a security checkpoint and possible search. Arrive early for your first day of jury orientation. Parking can be difficult, so plan accordingly. If you receive a parking citation, return it to the bailiff for the assigned judge.

If you are hearing or visually impaired and need accommodation to serve as a juror, please contact the bailiff as soon as you receive this jury duty summons. This will ensure that appropriate assistance is provided when you arrive for jury orientation. You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, and the nature of your impairment. This assistance is available at no cost to you.

Please direct all questions to the court division that sent you the juror summons.

1stLeon Johnson420501-340-8590
2ndCasey Tucker320501-340-8424
3rdCathleen Compton240501-340-8426
4thHerb Wright202501-340-8593
5thLatonya Honorable410501-340-8550
6thTimothy Fox210501-340-8416
7thKaren Whatley220501-340-5630
8thTjuana Byrd3001 W Roosevelt Rd501-340-6666
9thAndy Gill440501-340-5602
10thShanice Johnson3001 W Roosevelt Rd501-340-6725
11thPatti James230501-340-6731
12thCara Connors350501-340-8530
13thMike Reif310501-340-8534
14thShawn Johnson300501-340-8538
15thAmy Dunn Johnson340501-340-5610
16thChip Welch330501-340-8542
17thMackie Pierce360501-340-5620

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