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The County Records Department is the repository for all Pulaski County court documents. It provides copies of court documents to the courts and the public. The department also records and maintains county court orders, contracts, and various petitions concerning matters under the jurisdiction of the Pulaski County Court.

Search Court Records

All Arkansas court documents, including criminal, civil, probate, domestic relations like divorces, are public records for anyone to search. Court orders are executive made by the Pulaski County Judge.  

Certified Copies

Official court documents bearing the county clerk’s seal are available from our department and are commonly requested by the Social Security Administration, courts, and other governmental entities. Certified copies cost $5.00 and can be picked up in person from our department or mailed through the US Postal Service. They cannot be emailed.

There are two options to pay:
Online Payment

Mail checks or money orders with the names of the parties and a description of the document to:
Pulaski Circuit and County Clerk
County Records
401 West Markham St Ste 103
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Recording Documents

The County Records Department also records certain documents. These include:

  • Medical licenses
  • Going out of business licenses
  • County court orders
  • County contracts
  • Annexation, road closing, and dedication petitions
  • Special improvement district applications

Board of Equalization

The County Clerk or the Clerk’s designee serves as the secretary of the Board of Equalization and records the minutes of their meetings.

Pulaski County property owners have the right to appeal their property assessment. If you believe your assessment information is incorrect, you can file a petition with the County Clerk’ Office. All petitions must be filed by the second Monday in October of every year.

When the County Clerk’ Office has received a correctly filed petition, a hearing will be scheduled no later than November 15 of each year. At the hearing, the County Judge will hear evidence from relevant parties including, but not limited to, the Assessor and the property owner.

Doing Business As (DBA) Registration

A sole proprietorship or general partnership that intends to use a name other than the owner’s name must file for a fictitious name through a process called Doing Business As. You must file this form in the county/counties where the business will be conducted. The cost is $25. Payments can be made in person by credit card, money order, cash, or check.

The form can be filed in person, along with a valid photo identification from the business owners. It can also be submitted by mail and must be notarized before mailing. Please include instructions on where to send the document once it has been recorded in our office. The application can be mailed to

Pulaski County Clerk’s Office
County Records
401 West Markham St., Suite 103
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Log on to the Arkansas Secretary of State website to learn more about doing business in Arkansas.

Minister Credentials

To perform a wedding ceremony in Arkansas, you must register your credentials in a County Clerk’s office within Arkansas. To record credentials, you must provide a copy of your Minister Certification or Minister License Record of Ordination and a $5 filing fee. Payments can be made in person by credit card, money order, cash, or check. Please visit the Marriage License page of our website on how to apply for a marriage license. 

Petition to Seal a Record

Arkansas State law makes provisions for persons to petition the court to have a record sealed once the term of the sentence is completed. There are some exceptions to what records can be sealed. Petitioning the court to seal a record does not guarantee it will be approved. There is no fee to file the petition to seal. Ark. Code Ann. 16-90-601; §16-90-605; §16-90-605; § 16-90-901; §16-90-906; §16-93-301; §16-93-303

Step 1: Meet the following criteria; 1) completed all parole and probation requirements and 2) paid all court costs, fines, restitution, etc.

Step 2: Download a Petition to Seal form from the Arkansas Crime Information.

Step 3: Complete the Petition to Seal form in its entirety and return it to the Court Records Department.


To request information from our office, please use the web portal to help communicate what documents you need.


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