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Central Receiving

The Central Receiving Department files all NEW court cases for civil, domestic, and probate. It also issues writs and file protection orders.

The Court Clerks Department handles EXISTING cases. If you need assistance with a current court case, please call 501-340-8431 or email court_clerks@pulaskiclerk.com.

The Juvenile Department handles ALL cases for the juvenile division of the circuit court at 3001 West Roosevelt location. If you need assistance with any juvenile court cases, please call 501-340-6767 or email juvenile@pulaskiclerk.com.

Circuit court cases are appealed to the Arkansas Supreme Court. For details on the appeal process for circuit court cases, please call 501-340-8766 or email appeals@pulaskiclerk.com.

Filing Orders of Protection

A victim of domestic violence may seek an order of protection by visiting our department to obtain the forms to file a petition. There is no charge for this service. If you need further assistance with filing the order of protection, please contact the court advocate with Arkansas Women and Children First at 501-372-5630. Their office is room 105 in the courthouse, and they are open Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Filing Court Documents

Court documents can be filed electronically by attorneys through eFiling. For individuals representing themselves (pro se litigants) who CANNOT use the electronic system, the documents are filed in our department, room 120. Our preferred method of accepting documents is in person; however, you can also send documents via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. If you choose to mail your documents and they need to be corrected or don’t have the correct payment included, we will have to return the documents to you via USPS. This will delay the filing date and time and could cause a deadline not to be met.

Filing for Divorce

To file for a divorce in Arkansas, you must have lived in Arkansas for 60 days before filing and have grounds for divorce. Visit the Arkansas Law Help for more details.

Filing of Small Estate Claims

If your loved one has passed away and the estate’s value is under $100,000, you can submit the estate for small estate probate by filing an affidavit of small estate claim. The file costs $25, and a certified copy costs $5.  Visit the Arkansas Law Help for more details.

Navigating the legal system can be difficult for many people. Since our employees are not attorneys, we cannot provide legal advice. Consider hiring an attorney to handle your legal matters or utilize the resources below to help you with your legal issues.


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